A Dalek crying for mercy

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    i want to create a tv show about a group of friends where they’re all queer except the one token cishet friend who’s only there to say stereotypical “straight” things for laughs like “macklemore got me into rap” and “my mom and i got into a fight because she wouldn’t buy me a fourth obey snapback”

    Or we could just stop stereotyping people.

    you’re cast

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    Brought my cousin with me to my parents house and now my dad’s making him vacuum the entire house because my cousin said it was a womans job to vacuum and clean


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  • Mother of the lamb.

    Ancient spanish proverb (via elcordondeterciopelo)

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    I present you: Eurovision 2013

    Eurovision is the best fucking thing in the world ok

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    Retta on Conan in 2012 with literally the best joke ever and she really was not here for the stereotyping and profiling while driving. #neverforget

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    Game of Thrones S04E03

  • http://mooseings.tumblr.com/post/83607681303/sansaofhousestark-im-actually-amazed-i-havent


    i’m actually amazed i haven’t heard more people talking about the moment sansa assists tyrion in this ep. sansa choosing to assist tyrion is a Huge Deal considering the situation - joffrey is publically humiliating him, making a big, ugly display of his power. and simply…